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USB Quantum Laser

USB Quantum Laser

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JB Systems USB Quantum Laser

En mycket mångsidig lasereffekt för alla dina hemmafester (80mW röd + 100mW blå)

Artnr: 37024
  • Produktmått (BxDxH): 110 x 90 x 90 mm
  • Produktvikt: 260 gram
Streckkod: 5420025662239

Description (Engelska)

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    JB Systems USB Quantum Laser

    A very versatile laser effect for all your home parties ( 80mW red + 100mW blue )

    • A very versatile laser effect for all your home parties.
    • CLASS 3R Laser powered by a 80mW (650nm) red and a 100mW (450nm) blue laser.
    • The laser beams are split into an impressive number of beams to create amazing, room filling effects.
    • The unit is equipped with 8 grating effects to create different patterns.
    • Integrated automatic and sound controlled shows.
    • The unique concept offers almost unlimited possibilities. You can power and control the unit in many ways:
      • Do you like it simple and easy ? → Just use the function switch on the unit (off-auto-sound)
      • Do you like to have some control ? → Use the supplied wireless IR remote to select your programs
      • Do you like it mobile ? → Use a power bank or car adapter to power the unit
      • Do you prefer a more impressive setup and full control ? → Connect it to the USB PARTYSET: all effects will work synchronously and DMX control becomes available
    • DC 5V-2A USB power adapter + USB A → USB C cable included.
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