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Lavalier II Premium

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RØDE Microphones Lavalier II Premium

  • Lavalier II är namnet på en högkvalitativ lavaliermikrofon som passar de flesta ljud- och videoapplikationer.
  • Mikrofonen har en helt ny och unik design med en platt kapsel, som är otroligt diskret.
  • Lavalier-mikrofonen har en frekvenssvar som gynnar alla rösttyper, och den sfäriska karaktäristiken gör att den plockar upp kristallklart detaljerat ljud från alla håll.
  • Den medföljande monteringsklämman är otrolig kompakt, vilket gör mikrofonen mycket lättare att dölja än andra lavaliermikrofoner.
  • Med Lavalier II-mikrofonen får du också: ett högkvalitativt popfilter och ett litet pälsskydd, färgade identifieringsringar och ett praktiskt fodral med dragkedja.
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      Description (Engelska)

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        RØDE Microphones Lavalier II Premium

        With its custom-engineered capsule and low-profile form factor, the black Rode Lavalier II omnidirectional lavalier microphone is a visually discreet solution when you need clear, intelligible, and tonally neutral speech reproduction for online content, vlogs, film projects, live streams, interviews, and broadcasts. Not only is the capsule easily concealed, the flat cable is also designed to be kept out of sight and threaded without hassle.

        Thanks to an omnidirectional polar pattern and a frequency response that doesn't hype or hide important frequencies, the Lavalier II picks up sound naturally and consistently from all directions. Its 3.5mm TRS output incorporates a locking connector for secure attachment to wireless transmitters outfitted with locking mini-jack inputs. The Lavalier II comes fully equipped with a bundle of accessories, including a pop shield, mini furry windshield, colored ID rings, and a zip wallet.

        Low-Profile Design

        The Lavalier II features a spcial low-profile design and ultracompact mounting clip. This form factor allows it to sit flush against clothing, making the Lavalier II incredibly discreet and easy to conceal. Its flat cable is also very discreet and makes threading through clothing effortless.

        Quality Sound for Quality Content

        Delivering rich, detailed audio with a flat frequency response and an omnidirectional polar pattern that picks up crystal-clear sound from all directions, the Lavalier II offers outstanding performance for everything from broadcast applications to filmmaking and content creation to livestreaming and even podcasting.

        Works with Many Devices

        The Lavalier II is the perfect companion for a range of Rode devices, including the Wireless GO II and AI-Micro, and features a 3.5mm TRS locking connector for use with professional wireless microphone systems.
        Premium Accessory Kit

        The Lavalier II comes with a premium accessory kit to help you capture the best sound in any scenario and keep your microphone safe and organized.

        • High-quality pop filter prevents unwanted wind noise or plosives from interfering with your recording
        • Mini furry windshield for recording outdoors in high-wind conditions
        • Ultracompact and versatile mounting clip allows the Lavalier II to be placed on clothing or objects (includes cable management slots)
        • Colored identification tags for keeping track of your microphones in multi-mic setups
        • Handy zip case keeps your microphones and accessories safe, tidy, and organized
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