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Sony MDR-7506

Over-ear-hörlur som du enkelt kan fälla ihop, passar kanon i studio och för livespelningar

Typ av kuddar:  Läder
Typ av hörlur: Sluten
Frekvensomfång: 10-20 KHz
Impedans: 63 Ohm
Löstagbar kabel: Nej
Bytabara kuddar: Ja
Vikbar: Ja
Kabel längd: 2,9 m

Artnr: SON-MDR-7506/1
Tillverkarens artikelnummer: SON-MDR-7506/1
Streckkod: 4901780289486
Lagerstatus: Ej i lager
  • Produktvikt: 229 gram

Description (Engelska)

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    Sony MDR-7506

    The MDR-7506 is a staple within the recording, film and live arenas. Due to its low impedance and closed-ear design, these headphones do an outstanding job of cutting down background noise while providing plenty of volume in the studio or in the field. Additionally, the closed design helps eliminate headphone bleed when overdubbing in the studio.

    The MDR-7506 is an over-ear design and is ideal for use with MIDI workstations, camcorders, or other equipment with less than powerful headphone amplification. The headphone has a foldable design, making it convenient to store or transport, and its coiled cable allows it to stretch and spring back into place whenever you need a bit more reach.